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Welcome to Gemini Farm Sanctuary

Honoring Life with Love

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Visiting Gemini Farm Sanctuary offers a chance to witness the incredible bond between humans and animals. Interacting with our animals up close allows you to feel their gratitude and love, creating memorable and heartwarming moments.

 Visiting Gemini Farm Sanctuary isn't just fun; it's also educational. Learn about various species, their habitats, and the importance of our conservation efforts. Gain insights into the challenges our animals face and how you can contribute to their well-being and preservation.

Your donations to Gemini Farm Sanctuary directly support the rescue, rehabilitation, and care of our animals. By contributing, you become a lifeline, enabling the sanctuary to provide medical attention, proper nutrition, and a safe-haven.  Donations are used to improve the quality of the facilities, pay never-ending veterinary bills, and allow us to use healthy quality foods for all our animals. 


We have many plans for the sanctuary this spring and summer to honor the earth. If you would like to join us please contact us to be included in our planning sessions. We hope to spread native plant seeds to help the land be safe haven for native species and also brainstorm ideas that will encourage people to come to the farm and enjoy nature while learning about it. We are in the beginning stages of developing the plan to plant many trees native to PA and NY in the fall and also looking at creating nature trails.

If you truly love nature, animals, and the earth, the sanctuary is a way for you to make a difference. The sanctuary is a marriage of our love of all animals and the natural world. A combination of those creatures with a wild heart and those with a domestic heart.


If you believe in our help the animal victims of a throwaway society and to improve the wild areas of the sanctuary, which in turn improves the lives of the wild creatures that walk that land....please consider a donation. The sanctuary has been in existence, quietly, since 1986. It is time our meow becomes a lion's roar on our path to improving the lives of animals and the people that love them.

We have all heard the saying "It takes a village." It's true!! We have big dreams and many pieces of the puzzle. It takes everyone to fill in the missing pieces of that puzzle to create a beautiful picture and make the dream a reality.

Around the Farm

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