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About the Farm

Gemini Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)3, Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Sanctuary for domestic pets and farm animals in need. We are a small hobby farm nestled in the northern fringes of the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.  The farm has always been a work in progress as we continue to educate ourselves on the ‘animal industry’ and the wants and needs of the animals in that industry. The more we learned, the more we realized that our direction and passion are about rescue and sanctuary and have been strictly a sanctuary for well over a decade

What We Do

Our rescue efforts began in the late 1970s and continue to this day.  Over the years we have raised registered dairy goats, Thoroughbred horses, Miniature Horses, Australian Shepherds, and Chinese Cresteds.  There have always been rescued cats and kittens here.  During all these various ventures we never lost sight of the need to rescue the animals that needed us the most.  In the end, we saw little reason to continue raising the various species that interested us and at the current time, we are exclusively a sanctuary for unwanted and unadoptable animals.  It makes no sense to us to continue to produce animals when tens of thousands of animals die every year because, through no fault of their own, their owners dump them.

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Who We Are

Gemini Farm Sanctuary is an expression of our love of animals and in memory of my husband Frank who managed to do a great job hiding his love of all creatures. Only I saw him calming a frightened pony, going off to the woods to hunt…with a camera, bringing suffering lambs home that he found in a parking lot with a frantic owner, or stopping to rescue a kitten from a ditch. He worked hard to hide his sensitive side and was often successful. Frank and I love this farm, the land, and the animals, and my dream is to make sure the farm goes forward, with love and compassion for all, long after I have gone to be with Frank.

Join the Cause

Gemini Farm is looking for Volunteers to help with making this Sanctuary as successful as possible. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LIVE NEAR THE FARM. Plenty of remote work available.

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